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The Protectors


From co-creators Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe who have brought us Unit One, The Protectors are the Danish national police branch, P.E.T. in charge of personal protection services. The elite team have to balance their work with their personal lives and concerns with their own backgrounds and even ethnic origins.

Season One
We first follow Jasmina (Cecilie Stenspil), Rasmus (Søren Vejby) and Jonas (André Babikian) – the three newest members the “The Protectors”. Their mission: to protect politicians and members of the Royal Family, but also key VIP’s and visiting dignitaries. Their work also includes managing preventive measures, dealing with any potential terrorist threats and keeping an eye on dangerous individuals and stalkers
Season Two
Denmark is still shaken by the outrage caused in the Islamic world over the publication of a Muhammad cartoon in a Danish newspaper. The Protection Unit of the Danish Intelligence Bureau is faced with a precarious mission when the Foreign Minister moves to re-open the embassy in Islamabad. Having been closed after a terrorist bombing several years before, the lives of many are at risk – not only in Denmark but as far away as Moscow and Islamabad. Despite their relentless efforts, murders cannot always be prevented, and suicide bombers cannot always be stopped – even by this highly experienced and elite unit.

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“The Protectors, is demonstration once again of Danish writers’ commitment to strong characters, both male and female, and their ability to weave high drama into a wealth of subtle social nuance” – Caroline Frost, The Huffington Post

This is a high octane series that thanks to some incredibly sophisticated writing manages to explore the present state of Danish society, the country’s role within international affairs, and how the media report scandal” – Andy Lawrence, Euro Not Trash

The Protectors is refreshingly down to earth and un-macho” – Mikey Serpico, Bring The Noise

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