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The Fjällbacka Murders


Crime novelist Erica Falck is lured back to her Swedish hometown of Fjällbacka. Along with her husband Patrick Hedström (Richard Ulfsäter) and three children, Erica realises that the place she once knew is now rife with festering feuds and murderous M.O.’s about to be unleashed.

The 6-episode series includes:

The Hidden Child– While Erica mourns the death of her parents, she doesn’t expect to be faced with the revelation that she has a long-lost brother. However, the reunion is far from a happy one as Erica learns that her suspicious sibling has secrets from his past in Nazi Germany.

The Eye of the Beholder– Erica’s sister is caught up in a game of deception when an antique show comes to Fjällbacka to film one of its roadshows. When an overdose, murder and theft implicates there is a dastardly plot at hand, having your heirlooms valued is the last thing on everyone’s mind.

Friends for Life– For her next book, Erica decides to base her new mystery narrative on the disappearance of her childhood friend that remains unsolved. However, it becomes clear that her curiosity has unearthed unwanted questions someone doesn’t want answered.

The Sea Gives, The Sea Takes– Stigge, renowned photographer, turns up dead in his studio and Erica’s intrigue is sparked. What happened and why would anyone want to hurt an elderly resident of Fjällbacka. Looks can be deceiving as even Erica’s mother-in-law was a victim of Stigge’s blackmail.

The Coast rider – After a storm hits the town, a coast guard makes a gruesome discovery. She is told that the bodies of the dead scuba divers are the unfortunate accident from the raging weather. However, was their search for the wreckage of a vessel from the 1800s the reason for a heinous motive of murder?

The Queen of Light– It’s Christmastime but the festive atmosphere won’t last for long as the pall of death is looming. During the religious celebration, a local girl dressed as Lucia is seen running away in distress and apparently goes missing.

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