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The Code


The Code follows two brothers from Canberra, Australia; Ned, a ruthless journalist and Jesse, a gifted computer hacker. After the brothers receive a disturbing video that displays the tragic death of two young boys in the Outback, Ned and Jesse broadcast the footage online in a bid to protest against the political parties. Their exposure causes a controversial uproar amongst the government and the brothers find themselves in critical danger amidst the corrupt world of Australian politics.

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“The Australian scenery is stunning, in a forbidding sort of way, while Ashley Zukerman’s performance as the mentally unstable computer genius Jesse adds splashes of off-the-wall colour” – Adam Sweeting, The Arts Desk

The Code  is highly entertaining but chillingly prescient. As (series writer) Shelley Birse suggests, there is a sense that we’ve all dived headlong into this vast, game-changing internet age without reading the fine print, and we don’t yet know whether it’s going to be the most wonderful, democratising gift of the century or whether we have invited the digital Stasi into our living rooms” – Graeme Blundell, The Australian

“It’s clear we’re a thousand miles from Ramsay Street” – Julie McDowell, Herald Scotland


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