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The Bureau


The Bureau stars acclaimed French actor and filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz (AmélieLa Haine) in a new suspenseful series created by Éric Rochant and produced by Canal+. The show is based on true events, inspired by former covert agents of the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE).

Kassovitz plays esteemed agent Guillaume ‘Malotru’ Debailly. The story centres around ‘Malotru’ when he returns to the DGSE in France after spending six years undercover in Syria. He is suddenly thrust into the middle of a political dilemma when a fellow spy disappears during a secret mission in Algeria.

Meanwhile, new team member Marina (Sara Giraudeau) is tasked to infiltrate a terrorist group in Iran with ties to nuclear arms. Despite her lack of experience, Marina is put to the ultimate test. However, ‘Malotru’s struggle to acclimatise to life in the real world may be the bigger issue that threatens the security department. The moment he crosses paths with Nadia (Zineb Triki), the woman he once fell in love with in Damascus, ‘Malotru’ goes against protocol and adopts his former undercover alias. Can he lead both lives without compromising the agency?

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“The best series ever made in France” – Le Figaro

“Moody, cynical and stylish, with the pace and disjunctive tics of an art-house film” – The New York Times

“One of the most ambitious series ever directed in France to this day” – Les Inrocks

“The direction is elegant and the writing formidable” – Marie Claire

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