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Mammon is a Nordic Noir thriller series in the spirit of “All the President’s Men”. However, not all journalists are fully committed to the truth, with personal agendas clouding judgements.

Peter Verås is an uncompromising journalist at the most respected newspaper in Norway. He makes the biggest mistake of his life after obtaining evidence of financial fraud from an anonymous source that points to his own brother, with horribly tragic consequences for Peter and his family. A search for the truth ignites, involving the media, high-ranking politicians as well as the financial elite. The closer Peter gets to the truth the further he places himself squarely in danger’s path, but he has come too far to back down now…


Jon Øigarden as Peter Verås

Terje Strømdahl as Tore Verås

Ingjerd Egeberg as Eva Verås

Alexander Tunby Rosseland as Andreas Verås

Anna Bache – Wiig as Inger Marie Steffesen

Robert Skjæstad as Jensen

Andrine Sæther asØkokrimsjefen

Nils Ole Oftebro as Frank Mathisen

Lena Kristin Ellingsen as Vibeke Haglund

Vidar Sandem as Sjefsredaktør

Andreas Cappelen as Bakke

Terje Ranes as Jon Stensrud

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Character profiles

Peter Verås (played by Jon Øigarden) is a respected Norwegian newspaper journalist, who discovers that his brother is linked to a major case of financial fraud within the government, leading to horrific consequences for him and his family.


“Mammon was presented with complexity and pace, meaning that by the end of episode one, there were many questions and few answers. Which is just what you want from your top-quality Scandi crime telly” - Jake Wallis Simons, The Daily Telegraph.

“It makes routine murders look like the colourised nightmares of Ingmar Berman” – Alastair McKay, London Evening Standard.

“The latest Scandinavian thriller to follow in the eerie footsteps of The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge” – Megan Conner, The Guardian.

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