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Follow the Money


Follow the Money is a tense new crime drama starring Bo Larsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Natalie Madueño, Esben Smed Jensen, Claes Ljungmark and Lars Simonsen. After a body is discovered near a wind farm in Denmark, the police turn their attention to the environmentally-friendly energy giant Energreen. Detective Mads (Larsen) suspects the renewal energy organisation’s CEO Alexander (Lie Kaas) is not as innocent as he portrays himself to be. At the same time, Alexander is being investigated internally by lawyer Claudia (Madueño) without his knowledge. As Energreen’s revered image falls under scrutiny for being involved in corruptive practices, ex-convict Nicky (Smed Jensen) gets caught up in the middle of the fraudulent plot.

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“A premiere that was put together by the book – challenging without being confusing and tough, but also tender and touching.” – Henning Høeg, BT.dk

“Already, we know that Bedrag is a series that you have to follow. Realism, emotion, excitement – everything is balanced to perfection.” – Kristian Lindberg, Berlingske

“In the first episode Bedrag manages to show our society’s maturity in the pursuit of superficial values built around believable characters who authentically play in all environments.” – Karen Dyssel, Kristeligt Dagblad