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Crimes Of Passion


Nefarious plots and dead bodies are cloaked with an irresistibly elegant veneer in this Swedish drama adapted from a collection of crime novels by Maria Lang (aka Dagmar Lange). Crimes of Passion shifts us back in time to 1950s Svealand, to the historical northern mining district of Bergslagen, which not only boasts a serene and picturesque beauty but also attracts those with the overwhelming desire for murder.

As the title suggests, the series incorporates the intoxicating themes of love, sex, deception and death, and chooses to illustrate the suspenseful crime genre with an alternative uplifting backdrop. Crimes of Passion transports us to the chic, alluring environment of the ‘50s – a far cry from the cold and grey hues of claustrophobic metropoles or the vast and expansive isolated landscapes designed to offer an atmosphere reflecting the paranoia and grisly subject matter of other Nordic Noir series.

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Around 28 years old, Puck is student of literature, but has difficulty focusing on finishing her thesis. She’s married to Christer Wijk’s childhood friend Einar. Puck is modern for her time; she is curious, outspoken and spirited. It is through Puck that we enter the stories, and she is the one we identify with. She is a good judge of character, and her open attitude often tempts people to confide in her. Puck is a pleasure-seeking girl with a great appetite for life, and she often finds it difficult to choose duty before pleasure. The tension between her and Christer, and her habit of providing the last piece of the puzzle in Christer’s cases, has led to a playful yet not outspoken jealousy between the two of them and Einar.

Christer is a brilliant police superintendent living in Stockholm. He has a great love for Bergslagen where he spent his childhood and where he now lives and works. He also loves women and women love him, however despite perpetually searching for ‘the right one’, he is not really willing to settle down. Christer’s father died when Christer was only a young boy, leaving him to grow up with his loving mother. Lacking financial means, she worked long hours in a shoe shop to put food on the table, and one could almost say that she is Christer’s greatest love. Christer is smart and people often see him as enigmatic and somewhat secretive. Inside, he is a deeply passionate man – a fact that he is reluctant to reveal to those around him. However, with his powers of attraction and his exceptional skill in solving murder cases, one can imagine the passion contained inside…

Einar is both Puck’s beau and a childhood friend of Christer Wijk. Although Christer and Einar hail from different social backgrounds, they have always been close friends. Good looking, humorous and witty in equal measure, Einar is an academic like Puck’s father, whose special interest in the Middle Ages has earned him a doctorate in history. He appreciates the friendship between Puck and Christer and profusely denies any ounce of jealousy. While Christer is fleeting and passionate, Einar can offer security and lasting love, as well as the intellectual challenge Puck so badly craves.


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