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Arne Dahl


The Blinded Man – Part 1&2

Three Swedish financiers are murdered over as many nights. The killer surprises the victims in their homes and shoots each of them with two bullets to the head. All evidence suggests the killings will continue so the police quickly set up a special unit under the leadership of a senior Detective, Jenny Hultin. Hultin hand-picks six police officers from across the country, forming the so-called A-group and under enormous pressure they attempt to solve the case before more people are murdered.

Bad Blood – Part 1&2

An American serial killer is on board a plane from New York to Stockholm. With great urgency A-group try to locate this passenger before Sweden inadvertently imports him. The killer’s methods are blood-thirsty and can be traced back to the Vietnam War. The killer makes it into Sweden, and very soon he begins his killing spree. A-Group collaborates with the FBI and together they begin a desperate attempt to catch him.

To the Top of the Mountain – Part 1&2

A Swedish family are on a road-trip in the Austrian Alps, when suddenly their car violently explodes. The man, his wife and their baby are killed instantly. The case ties directly with the A-group. The man killed was a policeman working undercover in Rajko Nedics organization. Nedic is a celebrity, loved by the tabloids, famous for his three star restaurants, and wanted by the police on suspicion of running a drug cartel.

Many Waters – Part 1&2

A police officer shoots and kills an African immigrant who is going to be deported from Sweden. Kerstin Holm is assigned the task of interviewing the police officer, who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend, Dag Lundmark. During a break in the interview, Lundmark disappears without a trace. Meanwhile, a burglar breaks into an apartment where he finds a body with a suicide note next to it. The letter leads to the discovery of two more bodies in a marsh in Värmland. The A-group discovers a connection between the two events which both prove to be linked to espionage in the international pharmaceutical industry. Kerstin Holm tries to track down Dag Lundmark on her own. Suddenly she realises that he has come across a terrible secret, and is just waiting for her to find him.

Europa Blues – Part 1&2

A balmy summer night. The stillness is broken when a Jewish neuroscientist is found strung up by his feet above a grave in Stockholm. Meanwhile, a car is waiting outside a refugee facility in Vresta with the engine running. A few minutes later, a risky escape to a distant destination begins. The following morning a zookeeper makes a macabre discovery in the wolverine enclosure at Skansen, and the leads slowly start to take shape. The summer has started badly for the A-group. The cold winds of change are blowing through the corridors of National CID and somewhere out in Europe evil lies in wait for inspector Arto Söderstedt.


Niklas Akerfelt as Aarto Soderstedt

Marin Arvidsson as Kerstin Holm

Claes Ljungmark as Viggo Norlander

Irene Lindh as Jenny Hultin

Shanti Roney as Paul Hjelm

Matias Varela as Jore Chavez

Magnus Samelsson as Gunnar Nyberg

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“Thrilling and Chilling” – Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

We can definitely see why the books are such a success” – Omar Malick, Bring The Noise UK

“Arne Dahl is that most remarkable of things; a success in both mediums in spite or because each has been specifically tailored” – Andy Lawrence, Euro But Not Trash

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Arne Dahl’s A Unit has been disbanded for the last two years. When a wave of brutal murders hits Polish nurses in Sweden, the National Police see their chance to instate the unit again. Kerstin Holm, previously a member of the A Unit, is assigned to lead them.
The A Units official role in the police force is to investigate complex, violent crimes with international connections. Kerstin builds her team with former members of the unit Nyberg, Chavez, Svenhagen and Söderstedt, but she is assigned a new recruit as well, somewhat reluctantly – Ida Jankowicz, a wiry, yet powerful, rookie with exceptional language skills.
Paul Hjelm, previously a key figure in the A Unit, has been promoted to a job as head of Internal Affairs. At first, he and the A Unit are pretty far removed from each other, but their paths will cross sooner than any of them could imagine.

We meet a chastened unit of individuals who have allowed the all consuming nature of their police work to eat away at their private lives. Demands and expectations have never been higher and a cold wind blows through the corridors at the National Police headquarters. Can Kerstin get the unit to deliver or is this new effort a misguided attempt by a paranoid police force in a time of increasingly unusual and refined criminal activity?


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