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Anno 1790


In 1790 Johan Gustav Dåådh joins the Stockholm police, in an attempt to change, or at least improve, the system from within. He is a modern thinker in an old hierarchy.

Anno 1790 is a unique look at crime in the 18th century. Set during the Age of Enlightenment in Stockholm, the series follows Dåådh, a brilliant but controversial police commissioner and surgeon who torn between alliances and uses unusual methods to solve crimes among rich and poor. As the European landscape changes around him, Dåådh seeks to use his modern methods to change the police force from within and adapt with the times.

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‘This period piece is as absorbing as it is because of its use of every muddy period detail imaginable to obliquely illuminate the universal’ – A.V. Club.

‘Possibly the finest series you’ve never seen it should find a welcome home amongst any Scandi fan’s DVD library’ – Andy Lawrence, Euro But Not Trash.

‘Quality Entertainment’ – IMDb.

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