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30 Degrees in February


30 Degrees in February is an international Emmy Award-nominated show, penned by Sky Arts as “one of Scandinavian television’s biggest public and critical successes and explores whether anyone can really leave their past behind.”

The Swedish series transports audiences, as well as the throng of unhappy native Swedish characters, to the tropics of Thailand. Here, the disillusioned bunch has decided to build a new life away from the harsh winter climate. However, the dream of starting afresh on the sun-kissed beaches away from the Noirish cityscapes we associate Nordic drama with, is not as easy as it seems.

Main Cast:

Hanna Ardéhn as Joy

Thomas Chaanhing as Chan

Rebecka Hemse as Sara

Maria Lundqvist as Kajsa

Sanong Sudla as Pong

Lotta Tejle as Majlis

Viola Weidemann as Wilda

Kjell Wilhelmsen as Glenn

Djuangjai Hirunsri as Oh

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‘**** four out of five stars!’

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