‘Witnesses’ released on DVD and Blu-ray


The record-breaking series that has garnered praise from both sides of the Channel is available to own on Monday 5th October.

As with the serenity of the coastal village Le Tréport, the French drama Witnesses has created a stir for its entrancing mise-en-scène and captivating storyline. The mystery of the show home murders investigated by Crime Squad icon Paul Maisonneuve (Thierry Lhermitte) and detective Sandra Winckler (Marie Dompnier), kept us on tenterhooks over the six-episode arc. The suspense of uncovering the homicidal enigma almost matched the beguiling relationship between Maisonneuve and Winckler, as well as the cinematography.

Read our interview with Marie Dompnier here.

Contemporary French television drama has been appealing to us with its broad depiction of crime and even the supernatural. Successful shows such as Spiral (2005- ) examine a criminal case through to judiciary proceedings, in similar vein to Law & Order (1990-2010). While Braquo (2009- ) took a grittier cop thriller angle, which can also be comparable to the hard-hitting HBO series The Wire (2002-2008). Whereas, The Returned (2012- ) takes us on a mystery of fantastical proportions when the dead suddenly come back to life. Witnesses can be seen to embody certain elements from each of these shows in an original and spell-binding fashion.

Find out what the critics have been saying about the series:

“Razor sharp, enigmatic, macabre, and nicely atmospheric.” – Daily Telegraph

“This complex French crime drama is the latest quality European import likely to have UK audiences spellbound.” – The Observer

“If Spiral is France’s The Wire, Witnesses may be its Broadchurch. Both chilling and compelling… Don’t miss Witnesses.” – Guardian Guide

“Witnesses is a macabre, unsettling story… a stylish six-part crime thriller from France.” – The Times

From our candid conversation with actress Marie Dompnier, a second season is on the horizon so be sure to start building your collection now.

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