‘Witnesses: A Frozen Death’ Starts Saturday on BBC Four


Watch the first two episodes of the brand-new season this weekend

It has been 2 years since Sandra Winckler (Marie Dompnier) solved the bizarre spate of show home killings in the sleepy coastal town near Normandy. Now she is faced with a brand-new case with equally chilling consequences. Audrey Fleurot, the star of France’s longest-running legal drama Spiral, joins the cast of Witnesses: A Frozen Death, starting Saturday night on BBC Four.

The latest 8-part season begins when Lieutenant Winckler is assigned to investigate the inexplicable deaths of 15 men, who are found frozen to death on an abandoned bus by the sea. The only thing that becomes clear from this terrifying discovery is that each of the victims are linked to one woman: Catherine Keemer (Fleurot). However, unravelling the truth is no easy feat, as Keemer vanished almost 3 years ago. When she finally emerges, her claim to suffering from amnesia is met with suspicion. Is Keemer lying to hide her guilt or is there a more sinister cause to this unusual chain of events?

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The first season of Witnesses aired in September 2015 on All 4, receiving critical acclaim for its beautifully melancholic setting and mesmerising cinematography. Fans and critics compared the slow-burning pace to UK crime dramas, instead of Nordic Noir series. iNews describes the style of the show as follows: “Bearing more than a little resemblance to the UK’s own Broadchurch – they both take place in rural coastal areas; the town of Le Tréport in northern France is the setting here – the tone is nonetheless quite unique.”

BBC’s Head of Program Acquisition, Sue Deeks, shared the broadcaster’s excitement for season two in an interview with Variety: “Its compelling mix of bold characters, sharp writing, atmospheric French setting and truly wonderful performances make this series the perfect new drama obsession for BBC Four viewers.”

What new mysteries can we expect to happen to Sandra Winckler now she is investigating solo, without former mentor and Chief of Police Paul Maisonneuve at her side? Who is Catherine Keemer and what is her backstory? To find out the answers, prepare to spend the forthcoming Saturday nights in with BBC Four!

Don’t miss episode one and two of Witnesses: A Frozen Death this Saturday on BBC Four from 9pm.

Catch up with each episode of season one via iTunes here.