‘Witnesses – A Frozen Death’ Available on iTunes


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The critically acclaimed French drama recently returned to UK screens, with a brand-new season on BBC Four. Now, you can keep up with the latest episodes of Witnesses – A Frozen Death, which are available to buy via iTunes! We are also excited to announce the Arrow Films home entertainment release, with the second season arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray Monday 15th January. Pre-order your copy now or reserve the DVD box set of Witnesses – The Complete Series One & Two here!

The second season began with the bizarre discovery of 15 male bodies, frozen to death on a bus in northern France. Lieutenant Sandra Winckler (Marie Dompnier) is put in charge of the elaborate crime, with only one lead that connects the victims: Catherine Keemer (played by Spiral’s Audrey Fleurot). Having been missing for three years, Catherine is eventually tracked down; however, her acute amnesia rouses suspicion. The only memory Catherine can’t forget is the birth of her child, who vanished without a trace.

Is this the key to solving the murder and finding the killer before it’s too late? While balancing life as a cop and a single mother, Sandra must rely on Catherine’s help to remember her past and unearth the truth before it’s too late.


So far, the second season has received glowing reviews as follows:

 “Intriguing” – The iPaper

“Hooky” – The Herald

“Multiple murders most sadistic in absorbing French thriller” – The Arts Desk

Further praise from The List describes the show’s slow-burning signature: “Witnesses is nicely paced with judiciously timed reveals and cliffhangers. Dompnier is a decent lead as the determined detective struggling with the pressures of being a single parent, but the case is the star here.” The anticipation of the series reprise has captured fans and critics alike: “Explaining away a crime as bizarre and grandiose as this can lead to a convoluted conclusion that stretches the realm of credibility.” Nevertheless, the momentum is keeping us guessing. “Three episodes in, we’re still hooked and hope the finale can match the brilliant, macabre beginning.

Witnesses – A Frozen Death is considered a standalone series, featuring a fresh and chilling mystery for those who were thrilled by the compelling first season. To get reacquainted with Sandra Winckler from the beginning and immerse yourself in the French Noir landscape, download and watch all six episodes of Witnesses – Season One for only £4.99 on iTunes here.


Witnesses – A Frozen Death continues Saturday from 9pm on BBC Four

Buy the latest episodes of season two in HD via iTunes here.

Don’t forget to pre-order Witnesses – A Frozen Death on DVD or Blu-Ray from Amazon here.

Witnesses – The Complete Series One & Two box set is released on DVD Monday 15th January 2018. Reserve your copy now!