Who did it? ‘The Bridge IV’ killer countdown


*WARNING: Contains Season Four spoilers*

Place your bets now…
It’s Tommy. This is all about Tommy. Viewers tuned into BBC Two for the antepenultimate episode of The Bridge IV to find out who “Tommy” was, following episode five’s cryptic cliff-hanger. Tommy Petersen is the key character that connects the victims and suspects together. Revealed in episode six as Henrik’s former police informant, it seems that the killing spree is an elaborate act to avenge the torture and murder of Tommy four years ago.

So, who is the serial killer, and will both Lillian and Henrik survive now they are involved in Tommy’s cover being blown? We analyse the list of unusual suspects in The Bridge to shed more light on who it could be.


  1. Steph

“Steph” is the new Tommy. Referred to in Tommy’s letters which were found in his mother’s possession, Henrik deduces that “Steph” is, in fact, Malene Sonning’s daughter, Stephanie Balling, from her previous marriage. We haven’t seen Steph yet, as she has been busy carrying out volunteer work in Colombia. However, she has been back for three months, without letting her mother know. So, where is Steph?

  1. Brian/Kevin

Is it Brian or Kevin? You understand who we mean. He plausibly lied about his real name to remain anonymous at the meetings where he met Henrik – but is that all he’s lying about? In flashbacks, we discover he was close to his father Tommy and bonded over their mutual support for Manchester United. Therefore, it would be understandable that the loss of his dad, followed by his accident and drug addiction, has sparked insidious ideas beneath that optimistic demeanour of his. After all, Brian chose to get close to Henrik at the meetings. Has he been targeting him from the beginning because Henrik is his final victim?

  1. The Sonnings

Malene and Morgan are tied to the investigation in so many ways. The video camera that the killer used to film the victims was “stolen” from Morgan’s car, along with his phone, which was tracking Margrethe Thormod’s movements. Their trip to Hamburg is also the nearest place where the cone snail toxin is produced, which was used to execute the daughter of arms dealer, gangster and Tommy’s killer, William Ramberg. If this wasn’t enough, Morgan had an affair with Nicole Johansson and is the biological father of their blue-eyed baby (which Saga brought to everyone attention of every brown-eyed Johansson in the room). Nevertheless, are they too obvious to be criminal masterminds?


  1. The Johanssons

Nicole had access to her husband Tobias’ garage and often stole cars to take them out for joyrides to escape her mundane lifestyle. This means she could have been behind the wheel of the infamous car linked to Margrethe Thormod’s murder while it was stored at the garage. While Nicole says she has moved on with her new life and appears to be indifferent about the whole situation – is this truly the case?

  1. Solveig

Mother of Tommy, Solveig sought answers from the Copenhagen police four years prior and has been bitter about her treatment ever since. Now, she rarely sees her grandson (Brian/Kevin) and isn’t exactly welcome at family gatherings, as she is prone to name calling and slapping. Could Solveig be conceiving the chilling chain of events from her camper van? Or is she working with somebody else to seek her own brand of maternal justice?

  1. Frank

He has been Sofie and Christoffer’s saviour throughout the season, but his intentions are still unclear. After helping to cover up Dan’s death, he showed his darker side by attacking Christoffer at the end of episode six. The latest episode also revealed that Frank is linked to Henrik’s wife, Alice. Frank was the staff welfare counsellor who coached Alice about her failing marriage. During their sessions, Frank reveals to Saga that Alice admitted she was seeing another man. Was the ‘other man’ Frank? After Saga’s therapist said she makes house calls if clients can’t visit her – could Frank have made his own kind of house calls, resulting in Alice’s death? Was Alice a village resident who met a sticky end, foreshadowing Sofie and Christoffer’s fate?

  1. Harriet

She wants a utopia – but by what lengths will Harriet go to achieve her vision? We don’t know because we don’t know enough about Harriet to cross her off the list. The mysterious matriarch may feature more prominently in the final few episodes now that the village vigilantes have started patrolling her streets. The question is – could Harriet be part of the murder investigation or Alice’s disappearance, due to her association with Frank?


Or, could it be Jonas?

This may be an outside bet, but Jonas could be more than just Henrik’s new Danish partner who likes to say his fair share of blunt quips. Lillian is convinced he has something to hide, which is why he’s under surveillance, following the regular press leaks about the status of the investigation (or lack of). Jonas may be linked to Tommy from his own past cases. Does Jonas have a vendetta against Henrik or Lillian too? If not Frank, Jonas could be the mystery man Alice was seeing behind Henrik’s back. Don’t forget, the actor Mikael Birkkjær previously played the villain in The Killing II.

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Has this helped with your own sleuthing? Who do you think it is? One or all the above, in the style of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express? Continue watching The Bridge IV tomorrow night from 9pm on BBC Two and get one step closer to the truth.


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