What to Watch Next: ‘I Know Who You Are’


Brand-new Spanish mystery drama will be unraveling soon

From Filmax International and Mediaset España comes the latest series from seasoned director Pau Freixas (The Red Band Society). I Know Who You Are is an unmissable mystery drama which promises to blend the stylish suspense and cinematic quality of the ever-evolving Euro Noir genre.

From the opening sequence of the 10-epsiode series, we are plunged into an alluring mystery. We first see Juan Elias (Francesc Garrido, The Sea Inside) wandering in a disheveled, disorientated state, with clear signs of injury from an accident. However, Elias can’t remember what happened or who he is. Suffering from amnesia, Elias returns home at the behest of his doctors to face the truth and piece together his real identity.

We gradually get to know Juan Elias, who is a renowned criminal lawyer, however, his passion lies in teaching the coveted Masters Course in ethics as a university dean. He is married to Judge Alicia Castro (Blanca Portillo, Volver), with a 19-year-old son Pol (Àlex Monner) and 11-year-old daughter Julieta (Noa Fontanals). His entire lifestyle is based on from love, honesty and ethical behaviour. Until now.


The intrigue unfolds when the police discover the remains of Elias’ car, along with the discarded mobile phone belonging to his 23-year-old niece, Ana Saura (Susana Abaitua), who has disappeared without a trace. Suspicions quickly arise about Elias’ involvement and he must prove his innocence, without knowing if he is actually to blame.

I Know Who You Are joined the Belgian crime series Public Enemy at Cannes’ first MipDrama screenings, as well as being recognised by The Wit at the MipTV event, garnering the title of ‘highest-rated TV fiction series of 2017’. At Paris’ Series Mania in April, the Catalan-born writer-director Pau Freixas discussed making I Know Who You Are. In an article in Variety, Freixas shared his thoughts about the show’s premise: “The whodunit is the traditional, classic concept. The differentiating element that interested me was the amnesia. It combined two questions that made everything more confusing. It allowed me to talk about morality, what people hide, and what they don’t.”

The director also went on to comment about how female characters are portrayed in the series, from televisual influences such as The Good Wife and Homeland: “The women in my series are more about intelligence and strength of character. I think this ends up making the female characters represent something other than what is normally presented in fiction.”


Following the BBC Four acquisition in January, Channel Editor Cassian Harrison, shared their eager anticipation for I Know Who You Are when it is aired to UK audiences: “BBC Four continues to be the home of the very best international drama and I’m delighted that we are expanding our range with our first Spanish thriller. With a gripping storyline and complex characters, this promises to be a riveting addition to our Saturday night line-up.” While Tom Stewart, Acquisitions Director at Arrow Films, states they are “thrilled to have such an exciting piece of television go out on one of the leading broadcasters for international television and beginning a successful collaboration with both Filmax and Mediaset España.”

I Know Who You Are is produced by Filmax International (The Machinist, the [REC] franchise) and Mediaset España (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Impossible), and stars Francesc Garrido, Blanca Portillo, Àlex Monner, Noa Fontanals, Aida Folch, Carles Francino, Antonio Dechent, Nancho Novo, Mar Sodupe, Susana Abaitua and Martiño Rivas.

The 2017 UK release date for I Know Who You Are has yet to be announced.

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