Welcome to Fortitude

Take a moment to get acquainted with the alluring mystery of the Arctic abode.

We are greeted with the resonating words of Governor Hildur Odegard’s (Sofie Gråbøl) impassioned speech in the enticing teaser trailer for the series: “We live on the one place on earth we’re guaranteed a quiet life. Where lovers of the wilderness, lovers of the Northern Lights or just lovers can witness the wildest things they can ever see from the safest place on earth.” How can we not expect a perfect existence illuminated by the Aurora Borealis?


Once a thriving mining community, Fortitude is a township with a population of 713 residents, which is situated in the Svalbard region of the Arctic Circle. To stand out as a desirable place to visit, Fortitude is in the process of being re-branded as an up-and-coming location for holidaymakers to flock to and bask in the wonder of the vast wintry landscapes. The famous, award-winning photographer Henry Tyson (Michael Gambon) is also enchanted by the picturesque views.

Governor Odegard’s three year project is poised to begin with the construction of a spectacular glacial resort, built into the fjord outside of Fortitude. This stunning architectural feat is designed to inflate the town’s economy through a boom in tourism, once the mines eventually close for business. Until then, the local bar and the Midnight Sun Hotel are the main sociable haunts.

In addition to these future plans as a unique selling point, the remoteness and lack of crime, overseen by respected sheriff Dan Anderssen (Richard Dormer), are the town’s finest qualities. The safety of Fortitude is maintained by the joint forces of the police department and Search and Rescue, including pilot Frank Sutter (Nicolas Pinnock).

Fortitude is also home to an Arctic Research Centre, the base for scientists such as Professor Charlie Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston) Natalie Yelburton (Sienna Guillory) and newcomer Vincent Rattrey (Luke Treadaway). Here, environmental impact studies are carried out, as well as the behaviour of the indigenous polar bears.

Fortitude is filmed in both the UK and Iceland to replicate the Svalbard setting. Writer Simon Donald shares his initial concept of Fortitude: “I wanted to write something that was set in a close community where there was no possibility of outside help coming in easily.”

With this ominous statement in mind, sit back and discover the tempestuous beauty of Fortitude. However, be wary. Once you enter, it may prove difficult to leave.

Fortitude opens its doors to the public on Thursday 29th January