Watch the trailer for ‘Tommy’

The new Nordic Noir & Beyond trailer for Swedish crime drama Tommy has been released. The film stars Swedish actor Ola Rapace who has gained recognition for his appearances in television drama Wallander and James Bond sequel Skyfall (2012).

Tommy follows the life of Estelle (Moa Gammel) who, as a result of her convict husband, has been in hiding with her family for the past year. Estelle fled Stockholm after her husband, Tommy, took part in the biggest bank robbery in Swedish history but the couple are now back after he failed to receive his half of the bargain. If word got out that Tommy was back in Stockholm, the criminal underworld would be in turmoil. But, if Tommy doesn’t arrive in a bid to resolve unfinished business, his whole life, including his family, could be in jeopardy.

Tommy is directed by Scandinavian filmmaker Tarik Saleh (Metropia, 2009) and co-stars acclaimed Swedish musician Lykke Li. The film is released on DVD from February 23rd, 2015 and you can pre-order your copy now.

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