Watch our interview with Nordic expert Barry Forshaw

From The Killing to The Bridge, Barry Forshaw examines why the UK is in love with Nordic drama.

With the success of shows like The KillingBorgenThe Bridge and now The Legacy is full effect, it makes you wonder what it is that makes Scandinavian entertainment so addictive.

We spoke to the author of The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction, and Nordic Noir Magazine editor Barry Forshaw about the appeal of Scandinavian crime fiction; both on and off the screen.

Forshaw discusses the appeal of Scandinavian culture from best-selling authors Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson, moving onto the fascination of all things Nordic on our television screens.

Furthermore, Forshaw goes on to discuss the nation’s appeal to the strong female protagonist, which has transcended from shows like The Killing and The Bridge to our native Britain with the hit TV series Broadchurch.

Watch the video below: