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Uncover the answer to the question ‘what happened to Léa Morel?’ this weekend…

While celebrating her birthday with her loved one, seventeen-year-old Léa Morel vanished without a trace after attending a festival in Lyon. Since then, we have joined her parents as they desperately seek answers to their daughter’s whereabouts. Her boyfriend has been a suspect and the more the police investigate, even more suspicious characters come to the surface. Who can the Morel family trust and what will be revealed in the finale? Tune into BBC Four from 9pm on Saturday for the final two episodes of the gripping French Noir!

So who is responsible? The questionable characters to choose from are: Jean Morel (the uncle), Chris Morel (the best friend and cousin), Thomas Morel (the older brother), Zoe Morel (the younger sister), Matthias Tellier (the teacher), Marco Berti (the race driving instructor), or could it still be a crime of passion from her boyfriend Romain Jamond-Valette? If Twin Peaks has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible and we shouldn’t completely disregard Julien and Florence Morel – the parents cannot be exonerated until the bitter end.


The Disappearance proved to be popular with audiences in France, enticing 5 million viewers to watch its premiere on the leading France 2 channel. Since it aired on BBC Four on 28th May, it has been received with praise in the UK. This warm welcome may be because it follows a similar story to BBC One’s The Missing, which focused on a younger child, instead of a teenager. Comparisons have also been made to Broadchurch and Nordic Noir fans cannot dismiss the uncanniness to The Killing. We can also draw upon the critically acclaimed French dramas Witnesses and The Returned of late, which are seared with crime and tinged with mystery – all encapsulated in a magnificent setting.

Follow detectives Bertrand Molina and Camille Guérin as they seek the truth which will out this weekend!

Watch the mystery reach a chilling conclusion with the final back-to-back episodes this Saturday from 9pm on BBC Four.

The Disappearance is released on DVD and Blu-Ray through Nordic Noir & Beyond Monday 4th July. Pre-order from the Amazon store now!