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It couldn’t be easier to watch the best of Nordic Noir & Beyond from the comfort of your own home. From BBC Four to the BBC Store, you can access a wide range of shows available to buy and download in digital HD from the BBC Store here. We welcome you to come and explore our captivating crime series and dramas, including The Killing and The Bridge from the ‘The Nordic Noir Collection’ to the latest arrival of Hostages the complete season two.

‘The Nordic Noir Collection’ at the BBC Store

The Killing Season 1 & 2

The iconic Nordic Noir series celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Remember when detective Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl) solved her first case with us – the murder of Nanna Birk Larsen in season one? The magnitude of motives and plots which linked to a scandalous election kept us guessing to the very end. In season two, the tension continued with Lund investigating murders thought to be acts of terrorism. However, a military mystery closer to home is unearthed.


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The Bridge Seasons 1-3

Go back to the beginning with a delightfully icy opening when we first met Saga Norén, Länskrim, Malmö. Audiences respected her quirks and quickly warmed up to Saga (Sofia Helin) during the three seasons of the show. In season one and two, we follow the Swedish investigator as she tracks down serial killers between the Øresund Bridge, with new Danish partner Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia). As her friendship with Martin rises and falls, Saga finds a new ally in season three with Henrik Sabroe (Thure Lindhardt).


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Wallander (Episodes 1-13)

Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander (Krister Henriksson) is the esteemed detective from the pages of crime fiction to our TV screens. He has sought justice for the killing sprees in Sweden’s picturesque Skåne for almost a decade. However, the distinguished cop that loves listening to opera will not let his age or health stop him from putting villains behind bars. After his daughter, Linda, joins the squad in the first season, Wallander has more to contemplate than his career throughout these feature-length episodes.


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Hostages season two now available

Season Two

Following the plot against the Prime Minster in the first season of Hostages, the political landscape of the country is in even greater jeopardy. This time, while the nation believes PM Shmuel Nester to be dead, former SWAT captain, Adam Rubin, is keeping Nester alive in secrecy. Hired to kill the Prime Minister, Rubin takes his chance to smuggle Nester out of the country instead. Driven by desperation, Rubin’s plan is to use the PM to give his wife the bone marrow transplant she needs to survive.

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Lying in wait until he can make his move, Rubin holds Nester hostage in an abandoned warehouse in Jerusalem. It is not long before Rubin’s employers track him down and force him to carry out the assassination plot. Caught in the crosshairs, Rubin must battle his way out of a siege which is fuelled by an even greater conspiracy.


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