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Follow Pablo Escobar on his rise to power in this blistering biopic…

Narcos is a hard-hitting crime drama with roots in reality to hit even closer to home. Set in the 80s, the story focuses on the DEA agents Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) who sought to bring Escobar to answer for his crimes. Wagner Moura stars as Pablo Escobar; a man whose reputation precedes him as the Colombian drug lord and head of the Medellín Cartel. From his humble beginnings starting out as a small-time drug runner of weed, Escobar soon elevates himself to the high-life of exporting cocaine. However, the police soon discover that seeking justice is no easy feat with law enforcement and locals firmly in Escobar’s payroll pocket.

The Guardian hails Narcos as a show to invest your time with its intense drama: “binge-watching is a bad idea. You’ll definitely need more than a 20-second breather before plunging headfirst into another casually violent murder,” and “a bit like True Detective, if you don’t concentrate, you’ll get left behind. This is full-immersion TV.”

The Hollywood Reporter applauds the originality of the series, that it “does more than trace the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar — it portrays various people entangled in his larger-than-life story, on both sides of the law and around the globe.”


The Telegraph complements Narcos as “educational and addictive”, stating that: “Narcos interweaves drama with actual archival footage, giving it the educational feel of a documentary. That it’s framed via the omniscient narration of DEA Agent Steve Murphy (played by Boyd Holbrook) means you’ll no doubt be reminded of Goodfellas. But it also pays its dues to The Wire, its story showing both sides of the drug war in a subtle, all-encompassing way.”

With such addictive shows from the Criminal Italia landscape as Gomorrah and Romanzo Criminale, allow yourself to get caught up in the organised Latin Noir of Narcos for more Euro Noir thrilling experiences!

Narcos is available to buy from 29th August. Pre-order your copy on DVD from the Amazon store now! Season two of the show is coming soon!