Unlock The Code


If the drop in temperature recently has put you off visiting some of the colder and bleaker aspects of Nordic Noir television then you may be interested in the warmer climates of Australia and the new thriller The Code. Starting on BBC Four in their prime Saturday night 9 o’clock slot, this political thriller from the land down under follows two brothers who are given footage of a strange and suspicious accident in the outback, where two children were badly hurt. The incident was never reported as someone who is involved happens to work for a major stakeholder of a top-secret government project.

Ned Banks (Dan Spielman) is a daring reporter, who along with his hacker brother Jesse (Ashley Zukerman), publish the video online and cause a media and political outrage. Now with the full weight of the Australian government and a barrage of political threats, the siblings do everything they can to make sure that everyone knows the truth behind this mystery.

Also starring esteemed Australian stars such as Lucy Lawless, Adam Garcia and David Wenham, The Code has already been hailed as a success in its homeland and looks set to invigorate UK audiences in the coming weeks.

The Code begins on BBC Four, October 11 at 9 pm