Unit One Season 4 now out on DVD


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The fourth and final season of the acclaimed Danish series Unit One is now available to own on DVD. Purchase your copy now.

Starring Nordic Noir icons Mads Mikklesen, Lars Mikklesen and Søren Malling, Unit One is a gripping police drama about an elite task force in Denmark. Although individual in their characteristics they are united in their convictions against crime, making them a formidable force. Yet, like all good police serials, they often face obstructions and intrusions from senior officials and the media. The crimes they investigate are inspired by actual incidents, varying from murders, kidnappings, sex-trafficking and illegal pornography, making Unit One, a gritty and all too realistic and honest experience.

Originally released in Denmark by Danmark Radio (producers of The Killing and Borgen) way back in 2000, Unit One could be perceived as the epicentre of the Nordic Noir phenomenon.

If you are a fan of Unit One you can pick up this final season now for just £17.99.