UK premiere of ‘Fortitude’: The stars talk

Stars of the latest Nordic-themed crime mystery gathered for the show’s launch in central London

An abundance of renowned actors, including Christopher Eccleston, Richard Dormer, Stanley Tucci, Michael Gambon, Luke Treadaway and The Killing‘s Sofie Gråbøl attended the exclusive London premiere on 14th January 2015. Director of Sky Atlantic, Zai Bennett, introduced the show and informed viewers what we can look forward to in 2015, with the Iceland set thriller Fortitude as its headline for the evening.

The 12 episode season showcases a traditional Nordic aesthetic. The harsh climate matched by a magnificent landscape surrounding the town of Fortitude is immediately accentuated by the two main plots to the narrative: the desire to promote tourism through the ambitious construction of a glacier resort and the first documented murder that threatens to tear the community apart.


Sofie Gråbøl shared her views on contributing to the show and playing the character of Fortitude‘s Governor Hildur Oldegard: “I had many reasons to want to do this project. The script was something; it had the whole universe or atmosphere of Fortitude or something. I couldn’t really place it and that was intriguing. It wasn’t the sense or the feeling that I’ve seen this a hundred times. And the fact that I don’t often get offered the role of the person in power. I’m a very privileged actor in Denmark in the sense I get to play. I often play the person against the system but here I play the defender of the system.”

Christopher Eccleston, who plays Professor Stoddart, highlights the tone and themes  “A wonderful, very original script from Simon Donald. He’s got a very original voice and very interested in the contradictions of the characters. All the characters are psychologically rounded which is very refreshing. Then, of course, there is the wonderful environment. I think the idea that we are bringing that extraordinary environment into people’s living rooms. I think there’s been a move; we’ve started to become a bit more concerned. This is one of the themes of the programme; concerned with Mother Nature. And I think we’re starting to long for crime dramas to embrace nature rather than being very urban based.”


Joining Stoddart in his environmental studies is young scientist Vincent Rattrey, played by Luke Treadaway. “It has everything: really interesting characters that you didn’t know how they’d then  all fit together later on and you didn’t know the effects. You could sense this tension and this menace with the environment as well; the cold and bleakness of where they are. You can just sense that wherever they are, whatever is going to be the fallout from the metaphorical bomb that goes off in the first episode you just want to know what’s going to happen.”

Northern Irish Richard Dormer, the local Sheriff Dan Anderssen praised the notable international ensemble: “Everyone has such a different style of acting that it really enriches the whole cooking pot of Fortitude; there are all these different people and different personalities, it’s amazing.”

From the first 60 minute episode, the bountiful cast introduce the dramatic intrigue by setting up enigmatic plot points and dubious characters living in the isolated habitat.

Fortitude begins on Sky Atlantic on 29th January 2015