‘Trapped’ begins on BBCFour next week!


Scandi Saturdays return with a new Noir from Iceland

Could this be the latest Scandinavian thriller to chill audiences to the bone? As shocking and macabre as the Nordic Noir investigations that lure us promise to be, we have not seen anything quite like this from the Scandi-crime canon. We are used to the tantalising trope of a wintry climate and the threat of a maniac on the loose. However, Trapped takes us to almost uncharted territory with one of the biggest television production ever made. It’s not from Denmark or Sweden. Trapped welcomes us to Iceland Noir!


When a powerful storm reigns over the rural town, the residents are trapped and cut-off from the outside world with the crew of a mysterious ship, which may have a murderer on-board. The setting of Trapped is even more fascinating as the show may be treading similar waters to the Swedish-Danish differences in The Bridge (2011- ). When a corpse is found in the harbour at the same time as the arrival of a ship from Denmark, Icelandic Chief of Police Andri (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) conflicts with Danish captain Carlsen Skipstjóri (Bjarne Henriksen) over the suspicious coincidence. Hence, the signature culture clashes of the Nordic countries adds to the terrifying new tension!


Trapped has already conjured up a flurry of interest in the news since September 2015. Not only does the series feature director Baltasar Kormákur, fresh from shooting the epic English-language drama Everest (2015), but with praise following its screening at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This has sparked a global acclaim, leading to the show celebrating another first: the only Icelandic series to be aired in the US. Now, Trapped is finally coming to BBCFour to take over our weekends.

“Everyone’s in danger. Everyone’s a suspect. Everyone is trapped.”

Get Trapped in the mystery with BBCFour’s UK premiere on Saturday 13th February