Trailer for Belgian Thriller ‘The Treatment’ released

Take a look at the next European crime thriller to grace the big screen from the dark side of Belgium.

Peccadillo Pictures have released the first UK trailer for upcoming Belgium thriller The Treatment. From best-selling British crime writer Mo Hayder, this brand new thriller is an adaptation of both novels Birdman and The Treatment which is soon to arrive on UK cinema screens.

This suspense thriller follows the events of an imprisoned husband and wife who, after being slavishly beaten and bound, discover that their son is now missing. Detective Inspector Nick Cafmeyer is soon assigned to the case but his unorthodox approach and dark past soon comes back to haunt him affecting his involvement with the case.

The Treatment was screened at the Glasgow Film4 FrightFest 2015 and is the latest Belgium Euro-Noir thriller to follow acclaimed crime series Corden. Director Hans Herbots describes The Treatment as “the dark side of human nature, how to deal with post-traumatic emotions and feelings. Guilt, anger, heartrending choices and a main character who is searching for his place in life whilst overwhelmed by reality.”

The Treatment is set to thrill UK cinema audiences on Friday 21st August