‘Thicker Than Water’ is released on DVD


Something for the whole family to sink their claws into…

Find out if blood truly ends up being Thicker Than Water. The Swedish series, which began airing on More4 in March, is coming to buy on DVD from 6th June. Pre-order your copy from the Nordic Noir & Beyond Amazon store now!

Meet the Waldemar clan: Lasse has a restaurant business but he has mounting debts to pay, Jonna is an actress but her career isn’t going quite the way she planned, and Oskar remains a loyal employee to their mother, Anna-Lisa. The estranged Waldemar siblings return for a gathering they will never forget. In the wake of Anna-Lisa’s death, she bequeaths the running of her prized B&B, situated on the Swedish island of Sunnanö, to her surviving heirs. However, the will stipulates the family must keep the property open all season to fulfil their right to receive their share of the inheritance. This obligatory thread is quickly unravelled by the taut strain of manipulation and greed.

Watch the trailer for Thicker Than Water here.


The dysfunctional dilemmas of a family governed by fury are the bread and butter of the moreish Nordic Noir dramas we know and love. In cinema, we can see prime examples of this theme in Thomas Vinterberg’s avant-garde Dogme95 film Festen (1998); set during the emotionally volatile “celebration” of a patriarch’s birthday, leading up to the disturbing, experimental comedy Men & Chicken (2015); evolving the revelations of family secrets to an alternative extreme. Could this be a comment on the decline of the Nordic Model’s Welfare State over the years? It is certainly a concept that has taken to television with the struggling absent mother of Sarah Lund in The Killing (2007-2012), to the forever feuding Grønnegaard’s in The Legacy (2014- ). Now, Thicker Than Water introduces us to the Waldemars.

Thicker Than Water is created by Henrik Jansson-Schweizer – producer of The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared (2013), as well as the writer of new crime show Midnight Sun (2016- ). The series stars Joel Spira (Easy Money, 2010), Björn Bengtsson (30 Degrees in February, 2012- ), Aliette Opheim (Easy Money III: Life Deluxe, 2013), Jessica Grabowsky (Midnight Sun, 2016- ), and Stina Ekblad (Wallander, 2005-2013).

Thicker Than Water is released on DVD on Monday 6th June by Nordic Noir & Beyond. Pre-order your copy from the Amazon store here.