The Troxy – Nordicana: Nordic Noir & Beyond Live 2015


The on-going allure of the international phenomenon of Nordic Noir television, fiction and film continues this summer as we hold our third annual Nordicana festival live in London. Fans of the Scandinavian sub-culture will be able to get their latest fix with appearances from the key faces of Nordic Noir as well as the chance to get a hold of exclusive merchandise, food and an array of other Scandi culture.

This year, Nordicana takes you to The Troxy venue in London: the home of a remarkable chronicle of entertainment. This art deco theatre in the East End opened as a cinema in 1933 becoming one of the UK’s largest in the UK with 3, 520 seats. With its exuberant décor and Hollywood glamour, The Troxy was introduced as one of the most glamorous venues in London with its first ever screening being the iconic King Kong. The Troxy remained a cinematic venue until 1960 during which an array of guests featured as hosts including Petula Clark, Cliff Richard and Clark Gable.


It was in 1963 that The Troxy transcended from cinema to operatic arts, as it became a rehearsal area for the Royal Opera House. Student actors, directors, singers and production designers of the Royal Opera House were allocated to use the space at The Troxy as an extended art stage until 1977. It was in the 1980s that the UK leisure company Mecca transformed The Troxy into a bingo hall swiftly becoming one of the most popular in London. The Troxy remained this way until 2006.

Throughout its eighty-year stand, The Troxy now hosts a variety of events including charity functions, dinners, weddings, indoor sports and live concerts with performances from the likes of The Stranglers, Lili Ivanova and Ken Boothe. However, The Troxy hasn’t forgotten its home roots as it remains of the most prominent venues to hold Secret Cinema events: one of London’s favourite cultural occasions.


The Troxy now opens its doors to Nordic Noir & Beyond where our third annual Nordicana event is ready and waiting to bring people in from the cold this summer.

Nordicana: Nordic Noir & Beyond Live 2015 will take place 6th-7th June with further information still to come.