‘The Saboteurs’ arrive this Friday on More 4


The explosive new Norwegian war drama explores one of the most daring missions to be executed in Nordic history

The historical Nordic dramas continue to beguile us following BBC Four’s grandiose journey back in time to the Second Schleswig War in Denmark’s 1864. UK audiences will now be treated to another quality television drama set during WWII which pitted British intelligence and the Norwegian military against Nazi Germany’s plans to create a devastating atomic bomb.

Based on a true story, The Saboteurs (otherwise known as The Heavy Water War) depicts the catastrophic plot in 1943 to blow up the heavy water factory in the Norwegian mountains of Vemork, Rjukan. The series encompasses the events that ignite the surreptitious mission under the codename ‘Operation Gunnerside’. From the assistance of British forces in training to the breath-taking action and palpable tension that unite international resistance fighters into an epic combat.

The first episode of the six-part Norwegian military series screened exclusively to UK audiences at Nordicana 2015 ahead of its air date. So far the programme has generated positive reactions from Nordic viewers, as stated by Channel 4: “Over 1.2 million Norwegians watched the first two episodes of when it premiered on the public broadcaster NRK in January.” The success the show has had so far from Scandinavian audiences is further echoed by Norwegian Arts.org: “by far the highest rating for any TV drama series of the millennium. Showing the important relationship between the UK and Norway during the war.”

The series shines a light on both sides of the battle between Norway’s defensive strategies and Germany’s advances in technology with Nobel Prize winning physicist Werner Heisenberg. This is mirrored by its international cast, including Norwegian actors Espen Kloumann Høiner and Dennis Storhøi, alongside German stars Christoph Bach and David Zimmerschied, the esteemed Danish actor Søren Pilmark and British talent Pip Torrens and Anna Friel.

The Saboteurs infiltrates our screens on Friday 19th June at 9pm on More 4