The Nordic Noir Seasonal Season One Sale!


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From The Killing and The Bridge to Witnesses and Romanzo Criminale. Take home the first seasons of our comprehensive crime series and delectable dramas for just £8.99 on DVD and £9.99 Blu-ray. This breath-taking offer begins at midday from Wednesday 16th December, until Wednesday 23rd December when midday strikes again!

With so many popular, critically acclaimed series being released it can be hard to keep up with the latest thrilling dramas and addictive crime shows. Not only are we talking about the phenomenal collection of series to hail from the Nordic realm, the Noir landscape continues to grow and cast its prevailing shadow across the rest of the European continent. A shadow of arresting intrigue, talented performances, complex narratives and irresistible back-drops that showcase the haunting beauty of each country setting.

Now Christmas is almost upon us, what better time of the year for our fans to take advantage of the warm nights in and look back over the year and the award-winning Noir series that never seem to fail to disappoint. If there are any shows you have been meaning to get around to watching – don’t hesitate any longer! Pick up the trailblazing titles at our limited discount prices now!


Travel from Nordic Noir with the cut-throat Danish politics of Borgen to Sweden’s sleek and stylish 1950s ‘whodunit’ tales of Crimes of Passion. Remember when we initially became introduced and seduced by the icy cool heroines Sarah Lund in The Killing and Saga Norén on The Bridge. Perhaps you prefer to appreciate the awkward Norwegian humour of Dag or unveil the corrupt investigations in Mammon? As well as the distinguished detectives Wallander, Sebastian Bergman and Van Veeteren get caught up in the crime-solving teams of The Protectors and Unit One. Step back in time with a historic twist to Scandi-crime in Anno 1790 or sit back and let the family dysfunction unfold in The Legacy.

Explore more Euro Noir from France with the gritty police procedural Braquo and the chillingly atmospheric Witnesses. Find out which scintillating Israeli shows also inspired successful American remakes with Prisoners of War – which became Homeland - and Hostages. The Italian sagas of 1992, Gomorrah and Romanzo Criminale will surely assault your senses with the violent and elaborate plots, weaving around a mesmerising representation of Neapolitan life.

All of these season one boxsets and more!

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