The Nordic Noir Influences British TV With Veteran Actor Stellan Skarsgård


BBC’s River proves just how popular the cycle of Scandinavian crime shows has grown to become

British screenwriter Abi Morgan, whose credits include Shame (2011), The Iron Lady (2011) and also creator of TV series The Hour (2011-2012), returns with a new BBC One drama called River. The new series blends the Scandinavian style perpetuated by such shows as The Killing (2007-2012) and The Bridge (2011-Present) with a familiar native Swedish actor at the forefront.

Stellan Skarsgård’s illustrious resumé has garnered him with critical acclaim in both his homeland and in a global market. He has transgressed from Scandinavian cinema to landing international roles in a diverse spectrum of genres from Hollywood blockbusters, like Thor (2011) to retaining his vernacular art-house roots as a regular Lars von Trier collaborator in Nymphomaniac Volume I and II (2013).

In an interview with the BBC, Morgan states just how integral Skarsgård’s presence is to the success of the programme, “A show like River needs broad shoulders and I can’t think of anyone better than Stellan Skarsgård to take on this challenge and lead this brilliant cast.”

The series follows the tortured officer John River (Skarsgård), a man whose brilliance is plagued by his past experiences on the police force. River also stars an ensemble of British talent including Nicola Walker, Lesley Manville, Adheel Akhtar and Eddie Marsan. The six hour-long episodes, which were commissioned by the BBC, is produced by Kudos, who have notably produced the detective mystery Broadchurch (2013-Present) which can be compared to the aesthetic of Henning Mankell’s long-running Swedish police drama Wallander (2005-2014).

River began filming in East London in autumn 2014 and is due to be aired on BBC One in 2015.