‘The Legacy’ returns this week

After an anticipated (and what felt like ages) break from our television screens, The Legacy returns this Friday night to Sky Arts.

The season one finale saw the Grønnegaard children continue to battle out their late mother Veronika’s estate that she left to her daughter, Signe; a child she gave up for adoption after she was born. What was meant to be a swift and painless settlement turns into a bitter battle between Veronika’s four adult children.

The Legacy stars Carsten Bjørnlund, Marie Bach Hansen, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Kirsten Olesen, Jesper Christensen and Trine Dyrholm. Hansen, Christensen and Dyrholm – who play Signe, Thomas and Gro on the show – attended Nordicana 2015 this past weekend to discuss their characters and the success of the Danish series. Read more here

As well as the return of The Legacy to look forward to, the arrival of Swedish supernatural series Jordskott debuts on ITV Encore this evening at 10pm. The series follows police investigator Eva Thörnblad who grows obsessed with finding a local boy has gone missing in the area; seven years after the disappearance of her own daughter.

Read our interview with Jordskott star Moa Gammel and producer Filip Hammarström here.

Jordskott stars on ITV Encore at 10pm on ITV Encore whilst The Legacy returns to Sky Arts at 9pm on Friday 12th June.