‘The Legacy III’ begins tonight on Sky Arts


Watch the UK premiere of the brand-new season tonight!

We last saw the dysfunctional siblings walking off into the dusk after finally resolving their rivalries in the second season finale. Now, they’re back with more addictive drama for UK audiences to relish. Get ready for the first episode of The Legacy III, which airs tonight from 9pm on Sky Arts.

What can we expect from the third season? At the end of season two, Frederik was putting his life back together after an emotional breakdown which resulted in a separation from Solveig and his children, Emil began acclimatising to his former childhood home after being released from prison in Thailand, Gro discovered her own artistic talents inspired by Veronika, and Signe rose from the ashes of her failed hemp farm to take control of the Grønnegaard estate. However, the finale left us to question Thomas’ fate. Will Jesper Christensen be returning with the rest of the cast?


We do know that this will be the last season of the critically acclaimed show, which has won Best Danish TV Series two years in a row at the 2015 and 2016 Robert Awards. The Best Actress winner, Trine Dyrholm, has also stepped behind the camera to direct episode five and six of season three.

In keeping with the secrets and lies commonly associated with the Grønnegaard clan, the plot of the third season has been kept under wraps. However, to build up our intrigue, fans can enjoy taking a glimpse at some key storylines with the recently released teaser trailers from Sky Arts below:

Frederik returns to the Grønnegaard estate.

Signe’s new relationship with Aksel is tested.


The Legacy III begins tonight with the first episode from 9pm on Sky Arts.

The Legacy III is released on DVD and Blu-ray through Nordic Noir & Beyond on Monday 29th May. Pre-order your copy on DVD or Blu-ray here.