‘The Legacy’ family portrait

Find out more about the Danish family everyone is talking about in this insightful guide to the heirs of the Grønnegaard estate.


The essence of the infamous family, who have aired their duplicitous engagements in the first season of The Legacy on Sky Arts, undeniably emanates from the esteemed matriarch Veronika Grønnegaard (Kirsten Olesen). Veronika is a prolific artisan, hailing from a bourgeoisie family and has devoted her life to the arts up until her death. As well as propagating a reputation in cultural circles, Veronika has also enjoyed the throes of carnal passions with a string of lovers, beginning with avant-garde musician Thomas Konradsen (Jesper Christensen).

Dilettante Thomas pursued his unconventional taste for creating music and fell in love with Veronika in his early twenties. Despite their creative fervor, the pair ended their relationship. However, Thomas has didn’t stray too far and returned to live in the grounds of the Grønnegaard estate. Artistic interests and lack of money aside, his presence is most likely due to Veronika and Thomas’s daughter Gro (Trine Dyrholm).The eldest of Veronika’s offspring, Gro has also been lured into the art world in a corporate, business capacity and is propelled to uphold her mother’s name in the art community. She has grown up with half-brothers Frederik (Carsten Bjørnlund) and Emil (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard).

Veronika’s second relationship with an antiques dealer Carl Grønnegaard bore her two sons. Her eldest son Frederik is estranged from his mother following the traumatic suicide of his father when he was a young boy, which he blames his mother for. He is a successful lawyer and is married to Solveig (Lene Maria Christensen), with two children Hanna and Villads. Frederik is also the first in line to inherit the stately home in the original copy of the will. Emil is the less responsible sibling; relying on Veronika’s handouts to live. His latest venture to build a resort in Thailand is funded by Veronika. Emil has been travelling the world and is often distant from his family and homeland for years at a time.

The third affair in Veronika’s repertoire is unveiled as a fleeting romance with John Larsen (Jens Jørn Spottag); the head coach of the Sydfyn Handball club (SHK) who is now married to Lise (Anette Katzmann). They have raised their daughter Signe (Marie Bach Hansen) as their own. However, Signe discovers she has been adopted by Lise and her memories of growing up under the name “Sunshine” at Grønnegaard with mother biological mother Veronika, her brothers and sister, have long since been forgotten but are gradually coming back

This is the point in the annals of the Grønnegaard family that the riveting drama unfurls in the first season of The Legacy.