The Keeper of Lost Causes



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The Keeper of Lost Causes is based on the first of Danish author Jussi Adler-Olsen’s series of Department Q novels. When detective Carl Mørck  (Nikolaj Lie Kaas ) causes a mission to go catastrophically wrong, he is demoted to investigating the department’s cold cases.

Assisted by the enthusiastic Assad (Fares Fares, Zero Dark Thirty), they begin to look into the case of a missing politician who disappeared whilst on a ferry trip with her disabled brother. As they dig further into the case they learn that major factors were neglected during the original investigation, leading them to re-open the case, much to the disdain of their superiors.

Kaas will be familiar to many Nordic Noir fans as Mathias Borch from season 3 of The Killing. Mikkel Nørgaard (Klown, 2010) directs this latest slice of Scandi-noir, whilst Nikolaj Arcel, the screenwriter of the sensational Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has penned this script.

We will have to wait a few more weeks to see it in the UK, but the popularity of the film in Denmark since its premiere in October last year, means that the sequel, The Absent One,is set to be released there on 2 October.

The Keeper of Lost Causes will be released on 29 August but be sure to stay tuned to Nordic Noir for more news on the film.