The end of the Saga: Saying goodbye to ‘The Bridge’


Prepare for the series finale on Friday


*WARNING: Contains season spoilers*


The time has come – the final episode of The Bridge IV airs tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC Two. Are you ready to say farewell to Saga and Henrik? From Monday 2nd July, you can take home The Bridge IV and The Bridge I – IV boxsets on DVD and Blu-ray, so it’s not goodbye for good. This week, we take a look at the latest plot points of Season Four, and share facts you didn’t know about the series – plus, there are a few of Saga’s best moments in her last outing on The Bridge.


What’s in store for Season Four?


The penultimate episode proved to be dramatic and emotional for Henrik. The Danish-speaking Astrid, who has been living with Frank in the village as his ward, was revealed to be Henrik’s sole-surviving daughter. Thanks to Christoffer (who escaped and confessed all to the police), IT whizzes John and Barbara were able to age a photo of young Astrid from Henrik’s collection to get a positive ID from Christoffer. A tense police raid at the village ended in a tender reunion between the estranged father and daughter, as well as evil Frank being taken away in handcuffs. Due to Saga’s perseverance, it seems Henrik has forgiven her, as we hear him referring to Saga as his best friend.

Hans has been making cameos in flashback form this season. First, he appeared in Lillian’s wedding video, then he popped up in episode six – the tell-all about Tommy. In a shocking turn of events, Lillian has been targeted by the killer, with Hans’ severed head acting as a grotesque warning. Does this mean the decapitation method has been crossed off the list – or is it merely foreshadowing the fact that someone close to Lillian will be beheaded next? The owner of the gay bar, Silas Tuxen, has re-emerged, as the one who desecrated Hans’ grave. But what is his motive?

We also know that Niels Thormod’s assistant Susanne is involved in the plot. When Niels agreed to take Julia and Ida to the cinema, Ida recognised a skeleton keychain on Susanne’s bag. It was the same bag Ida stole the phone from, which was discovered to be tracking the GPS location of Margrethe. Is this a final red herring? Is Susanne just a jealous person in love with her employer – or is she is cahoots with the killer?

Everything will be explained and the fates of our favourite detective duo will be decided tomorrow night.


Things about the show you didn’t know


  • The iconic outfit was a suggestion made by Season One director Charlotte Sieling – the leather trousers weren’t part of Saga’s character during the scriptwriting process
  • Saga was meant to be killed off in the first season, continuing the series with Martin as the central character
  • Lillian was intended to be the victim in Season Three, before Kim Bodnia left the show. However, the writer and creator felt that the death of Hans (Dag Malmberg) would make more sense, as it would have more of an emotional impact on Saga. So, actress Sarah Boberg got to call to say, “we’re not killing you!”
  • Hans Rosenfeldt and Camilla Ahlgren devised a script to welcome back Kim Bodnia as Martin Rohde in the final season. Sadly, this didn’t happen
  • The Copenhagen police station is actually a set built within a former police station in Malmö, Sweden
  • Danish actors Thure Lindhardt, Sarah Boberg and Mikael Birkkjær also performed on stage in The Auditor. Performances ran after The Bridge IV filming was complete, but before the UK transmission date
  • Throughout the seasons, The Bridge has featured a host of recognisable faces from Scandi crime and drama, including Melinda Kinnaman (Modus), Sarah-Sofie Boussnina (1864), Nicolas Bro (1864, The Killing II, Men & Chicken), Jakob Oftebro (1864), Kirsten Olesen (The Legacy), plus Fanny Bornedal (1864) and Johannes Kuhnke (The Rain, Real Humans, Force Majeure) in The Bridge IV
  • The Bridge has been remade three times: The Bridge (US-Mexico), The Tunnel (UK-France) and Мост / Sild (Estonia-Russia). A fourth series will reimagine the show in an Asian setting


Saga Norén, Länskrim Malmö’s top moments


  1. Telling Henrik she loves him

At the end of episode six, Saga realised that her decision to abort Henrik’s “foetus” required a further explanation, due to his angry and devastated reaction. A touching, and scientifically rationalised monologue ends with the heroine professing her love for him:

“When you’re in love, the brain’s reward system releases neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. There’s also an increase of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin can affect memory and serotonin can cause sleeplessness. But mostly they give you euphoria. I think I’m in love with you.”

  1. Debating small talk with Jonas

When the unlikely pair partner up to pay a visit to the suspicious Sonnings, Saga attempts to get to know Jonas by asking him about his preferences on small talk in the lift (Martin liked it, but Hanne did not). Jonas weighs up the ramifications by judging the fate of Saga’s previous partners – Martin ended up in prison and Hanne lost a leg. Jonas sardonically opts for the latter. No small talk. Saga and Jonas as scarily similar, no?

Read our chat with Mikael Birkkjær here.

  1. Voicing the Johassons’ baby secret

A blue-eyed baby with two brown-eyed parents is biologically impossible. Nevertheless, Tobias hadn’t noticed Nicole’s indiscretion which was staring him in the face. This led to Jonas witnessing another awkwardly amusing encounter unfold, as Saga brought the anomaly to Tobias’ attention – while she was literally left holding the baby.

  1. Quashing Harriet’s philosophy in the village

In real life, Sofia Helin is a fan of Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard, who depicts his life in a hyperreal, philosophical memoir. In The Bridge, Saga also has an interest in philosophy. When the murder investigation points to the remote village, Harriet’s beliefs come under attack from Saga: “That’s a utopia. It won’t work”, to which Harriet responds: “So, you think one should stop trying?” Saga’s final remark resounds with a definitive matter-of-factness: “No, just saying you won’t succeed.”

  1. Defending herself in prison

When Saga starts the fourth season in prison, it felt like a Wentworth or Bad Girls storyline was about to happen. A former policewoman incarcerated with the criminals she helped to put away spelled disaster. However, when inmate Lucinda dares to enter Saga’s cell uninvited, Saga proves she is no pushover by hitting her tormentor in the face. Don’t mess with Saga or you’ll get the horns.

Find out more from Sofia Helin here.


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