‘The Disappearance’ ranks high as top-grossing BBC drama


The French drama joins recent BBC Four hit Trapped as one of the highest rated shows in 2016

The runaway success of French mystery The Disappearance kept us guessing in the captivating ‘whodunit’, on par with the intricate web of intrigue we experienced with ITV’s Broadchurch and DR’s Nordic Noir The Killing. The televisual triumph of The Disappearance is clear by its ratings on BBC Four and the other top series it joins the ranks alongside. The Disappearance has been recorded as the third most-watched drama series this year on BBC Four, behind Icelandic thriller Trapped and Italian crime miniseries The Young Montalbano.


The Disappearance has quickly gained the attention of a younger following, claiming to be the highest grossing drama for BBC Four that young adults tuned in to watch during its Saturday night time-slot. The Disappearance took a 1.4% share of the 16-34 year-old demographic, which is notably three times more than the typical audience percentage. If this wasn’t enough to express how popular the show was, 70% of the young adult viewership also watched the series on BBC iPlayer.

The Disappearance was almost as popular with native audiences in France. A staggering 5 million viewers watched the premiere episode, which aired on France 2. We can also draw upon the critical acclaim of other recent French series, such as Witnesses and The Returned, which received positive praise from UK viewers.

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