‘The Confessions of Thomas Quick’ Trailer and Poster revealed


Cast your eyes over the infamous Hannibal Lecter of Sweden in this shockingly honest portrait of a serial killer.

From the insidious plots that captivate us in the critically acclaimed fictional series of Nordic Noir such as Wallander and The Killing, we dare you to go beyond as the line between art and real-life are blurred. Sit back and listen to the hauntingly candid true story of The Confessions of Thomas Quick, directed by Brian Hill.

Meet Sture Bergwall, otherwise known as “Thomas Quick”. Having been institutionalised in the Säter Psychiatric Clinic since 1991, “star patient” Thomas Quick surprised everyone with his shocking revelations.  Confessing to 39 murders instantly recognised Quick as “our own Hannibal Lecter” by the Swedish people. After admitting to the unsolved murder of Johan Asplund, Quick’s reign of terror that terrified a nation comes to a bizarre and controversial end in this insightful account of the man behind the myth.

Drawing on similarities to the BAFTA award-winning documentary The Imposter (2012), directed by Bart Layton, The Confessions of Thomas Quick is a thrilling feature-length biography that will leave you questioning what is right and wrong; from the rationality of the criminally insane to the professionals ultimately blinded by an end justified by careless means.

Find out the truth when The Confessions of Thomas Quick is released in UK cinemas on Friday 14th August.