The Code: Reviews round-up


Did you catch The Code on Saturday night? This new crime thriller from Australia debuted on BBC Four last weekend. Despite not being a Scandinavian thriller, which usually dominates this prime time spot, this Australian series appears to have won over the skeptics.

The Code follows two brothers, Ned a daring journalist and Jesse, a talented hacker, who are sent a video of a suspicious accident that occurred in the Outback, where two young boys were killed. When they publish the video online the siblings, come under the attack of the Australian government who are desperate to keep the incident a secret. Although us Brits tend to associate Australian television with the likes of Neighbours and Home And Away, The Code need not worry about those comparisons.

Julie McDowell of the Herald Scotland writes “The episode opened with violence. A car crashes in the outback and we witness it all in short, horrible bursts of footage and hear a girl screaming, ‘run!’ Then the scene jumps to the government buildings in Canberra, where a politician and his blonde PR girl are plotting to humiliate a rival by leaking photos of him. There are some more flashes to the car crash scene, with some disturbing images, and it’s clear we’re a thousand miles from Ramsay Street.”


Adam Sweeting on the other hand was keen to praise the shows scenery and performance of Ashley Zukerman who portrays the computer wizard Jesse. “The Australian scenery is stunning, in a forbidding sort of way, while Ashley Zukerman’s performance as the mentally unstable computer genius Jesse adds splashes of off-the-wall colour” he writes.

The Code debuted in Australia nearly a month ago and has proven to be a hit Down Under. Graeme Blundell of The Australian says “The Code is highly entertaining but chillingly prescient. As (series writer) Shelley Birse suggests, there is a sense that we’ve all dived headlong into this vast, game-changing internet age without reading the fine print, and we don’t yet know whether it’s going to be the most wonderful, democratising gift of the century or whether we have invited the digital Stasi into our living rooms”.

The first two thrilling episodes of The Code debuted on BBC Four last weekend and are now available on iPlayer so why not try to unlock The Code for yourself.

The first series of The Code is available to pre-order on DVD now. Click here to purchase your copy.

Catch The Code every Saturday night on BBC Four at 9pm.