‘The Bridge’ Season Three Air Date for BBC Four


The release date for the brand new season has finally been announced to UK fans

Celebrations in Sweden last month, as The Bridge III unveiled the new season look at its premiere in Malmö, had UK audiences anxiously awaiting for the BBC Four air date to be confirmed. We broke the news to our morbidly curious readers who have been looking forward to finding out via social media on Friday. Sofia Helin will be gracing our screens once again in her leather trousers and classic gold Porsche on Saturday 21st November on BBC Four.

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The impressive impact the show has had since it began in 2011 can be seen on an international scale with the British fan base that has welcomed The Bridge to the BBC, to attending the Nordicana festivals and meet the stars in person, as well as an American remake attracting US audiences. However, not only has the original series proved to be more successful than its English-language remake by gaining a third season, the indigenous viewing figures speak for themselves. The first episode of The Bridge III recorded an audience of 3.4 million viewers across the collective Scandinavian countries. The Bridge has linked Sweden and Denmark in fiction, but in reality this TV phenomenon has established a firm connection within greater Scandinavia and beyond.


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What can we expect from the new season? A new case, a new Danish partner to clash with: Henrik (Thure Lindhardt – Flame and Citron, 2008) and getting to know Saga as her past comes back to haunt her. The Bridge star Sarah Boberg, who plays Lillian (Martin Rohde’s former boss and Chief of the Copenhagen Police) shared with The Independent her views of the new season: “It has a bit more edge. They’ve created something new instead of repeating themselves or giving up.” And so the countdown begins to find out just how new and edgy the latest season will be.

The Bridge III airs on Saturday 21st November with a double episode launch on BBC Four