‘The Bridge IV’ storyline is revealed


Saga returns for a fourth season set during the most fearful time of the year!

The prospect of another season seemed to be an inevitability but could we trust the mind of the man who has created a fascinating world full of sadistic characters on either end of the Øresund? Fear not, the master writer Hans Rosenfeldt knows how to keep his fans happy. In a candid podcast with Swedish journalist Kristian Luuk, he confirms that The Bridge IV has already been greenlit and will centre around a Halloween themed serial killer, with Saga and Henrik in tow.

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So far, the main plot has been sent to SVT and Rosenfeldt is writing the first three episodes. In the interview, Rosenfeldt tells us more about what we can expect: “It takes place on Halloween. Halloween is big in some parts of Denmark. They go more ‘all in’ than Sweden, so it takes place in Denmark on the night of Halloween.” He muses, “It gets pretty nasty. This one is a bit smaller, not as large scale. It’s on a smaller scale than in the third season, which was this staged thing with three mannequins and a victim. This one is smaller, but I would say that it’s more frightening.”


The Bridge III saw the aftermath of Saga’s relationship with former partner and friend Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia) and falling apart due to death of her boss and mentor Hans Pettersson (Dag Malmberg) and the appearance of her vengeful mother’s mind games. The third season introduced the new main character – Saga’s new Danish partner Henrik Sabroe (Thure Lindhardt). The emotional finale echoed Henrik’s significance to the show by bringing Saga back from the edge of an abyss.

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With Martin and now Hans gone, our last glimpse of the show left Saga and Henrik on a quest to find his missing children to change the course of the series. What other changes can we expect? “Saga and Henrik come back. John, our computer guy, and our two Swedish and Danish police chiefs, they are back, but the rest are new.”


We will look forward to welcoming back our favourite heroine very soon. Check back here for future updates on The Bridge IV.