‘The Bridge IV’ Storyline is Revealed


Find out what to expect from the fourth and final Saga…

The filming of The Bridge IV has long since wrapped but we are still anxious to see how the devastating saga will end in 2018. MIPCOM – The World’s Entertainment Content Market – will be screening episodes of The Bridge IV at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes from the 16th to 19th October to give audiences a taste of what is on the Øresund horizon. To keep you on the edge of your seat until the UK air date is announced, the storyline for the fourth season has finally been revealed – with plenty of tantalising titbits!


Prepare to be immersed in the Øresund crime scene once again. This time, the victim is Margrethe Thormod, the Director General of the Migration Agency in Copenhagen. After being involved in a deportation scandal, Margrethe is found brutally murdered on the man-made island of Peberholm, located at the Danish end of the bridge. Henrik is leading the investigation with new partner Jonas Mandrup. So where is Saga?


The blunt and morally-centred Saga is now in a prison in Ystad. After being unable to prove her innocence in season three, Saga has been convicted of her mother’s murder and faces time behind bars. During her incarceration, she is visited by Henrik who seeks her insight into the case. The unique bond between Henrik and Saga is ever present but their quest track down Henrik’s missing children has been put on hold, eating away at his sanity. Could Saga’s imprisonment be the original plotline for The Bridge III before Kim Bodnia’s departure from the series? There is an uncanny resemblance which fans will be deliberating about.

Following the epic finale of the third season that saw Henrik and Saga joining forces, the end already seemed nigh. With Martin in prison, her mother’s insidious plan taking effect and the loss of Saga’s chief and confidante Hans – there didn’t seem to be any hope for a resolution. Now that Saga Norén, Länskrim, Malmö is in prison, will she be let out before the final credits roll?

There are still so many questions left unanswered. Mikael Birkkjær (Borgen, The Killing II) is joining the cast of The Bridge IV but which part will he play – Henrik’s new partner or the politically motivated perpetrator? Can we expect Martin Rohde to appear in a time jump epilogue to show his release, with Saga waiting for him on the Øresund Bridge? Or will Saga flee into the night like fellow hard-boiled heroine Sarah Lund?

Find out the fate of the Saga soon.

The Bridge IV is due to air on SVT screens on New Year’s Day 2018. The UK transmission date is yet to be announced