‘The Bridge IV’ recap – What’s happened so far


What the helvete | helvede is going on?

As we approach the final three episodes of The Bridge IV, the cornucopia of characters has slowly been weaving together. Nevertheless, there are still many questions to be answered before the endgame is revealed. What is the Lynchian village hiding? Who is leaking tips to the press? And more importantly, will Saga and Henrik’s relationship survive the finale? The Bridge continues Friday nights from 9pm on BBC Two. Catch up with the latest goings-on below.


“Stoning, electrocution, poison” – Saga identified a part of the murderer’s M.O., which is based on the seven different methods of execution. What’s next? In episode five, we witnessed the gassing of public prosecutor Vibeke’s horse, leaving three more to come: death by firing squad, hanging, and decapitation. Can Saga, Henrik, and Jonas stop the serial killer before heads begin to roll? There’s another question we fear the answer to.

What we do know is that Red October was a red herring, concocted by Patrik’s clown of a twin Richard, as was the other prime suspect, Taariq. Now, Malene and Morgan Sonning are under the microscope, especially Morgan (who is played by Johannes Bah Kunhke from Real Humans, The Rain and Force Majeure). Saga and Henrik discover that the nearest location to harvest the cone snail toxin, conus geographus, which killed Sarah (the hospital-bound daughter of arms dealer William Ramberg) is in Hamburg. Naturally, the Sonning’s recent trip to the same city seems suspiciously coincidental. Also, the fact that the camera used by the killer to record the murders once belonged to Morgan (apparently stolen from his car), makes us believe this is another red herring to be wary of.


What about the strange and remote village that Frank has lured Sofie and Christoffer to? A community that desires an ideal society doesn’t fool us (or Saga for that matter). When Dan turns up, Christoffer accidentally shoots him and is forced to get rid of the body under Frank’s instructions. However, Dan’s abandoned taxi draws the attention of our detective duo to look for answers at the isolated commune. Here, Saga rejects Harriet’s unfaltering philosophy in the best and bluntest of social interactions. “That’s a utopia. It won’t work.” – “So, you think one should stop trying?” – “No, just saying you won’t succeed.” Classic Saga.

Henrik is struggling more than usual. He’s trying to move on after eight years since his children disappeared, with no new leads about Alice’s movements before her death. Now, Saga has announced he is the father of her “foetus”. Also, not only have Ida and Julia betrayed him by stealing his prized possessions – they lied about Morgan Sonning, albeit to get closer to Henrik again. But, when they falsely implicate Morgan as the owner of the stolen phone (the one tracking Margrethe’s phone via GPS) from a police sketch, Henrik wants nothing more to do with them. Sadly, this is the same fate he decides for Saga too.

Our heroine is seven weeks pregnant, regularly visiting a therapist, investigating a string of murders, and dealing with panic attacks and lack of sleep – she’s Wonder Woman. Ultimately, she agrees to keep the child because Henrik wants to be a father again, however; only if she has nothing to do with its upbringing and can completely relinquish her rights as a mother. Henrik accepts the offer. Like the darkly changing tone of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Bridge IV has us laughing one minute and gasping with shock at the next. Firstly, Saga tells Henrik that she is eating prunes because she is constipated and that her breasts have increased in size. A few scenes later, Saga is suffering from cramps, which she admits is because she terminated the pregnancy. Cue the gasp.


There’s even more of an emotional rollercoaster to experience at the end of the episode. Following a task set by her therapist, Saga examines the important people in her life. From Hans to Henrik, she realises: “Most people who’ve meant something have either died or been lost in other ways”. In a touching visit to Hans’ grave, Lillian tells Saga, “You’ve got Henrik. You’re good for each other.” We see the cogs turning as Saga understands what must be done. We see her vulnerable side as she tries to rationalise why she chose to get rid of the baby. “I did it so that we can stay together. I can’t be here if there’s a child here, you know I can’t.” The scientific explanation is as bittersweet as fans would expect:

“When you’re in love, the brain’s reward system releases neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. There’s also an increase of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin can affect memory and serotonin can cause sleeplessness. But mostly they give you euphoria. I think I’m in love with you.”

Meanwhile, Lillian is pressured to make an arrest and put a stop to her “mistakes” – the information being leaked to the tabloids. Who is the whistle-blower? Jonas is at the top of her list. With his phones being monitored, could he be more than just a mole? If The Killing II has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t trust the charismatic Mikael Birkkjær.

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The identity of the killer, who is punishing the loved ones (both people and horses) of those he deems guilty, points to “Tommy”. Henrik knows him. Lillian appears to know him. Jonas may know him. It must be a Danish thing. Who is he? Keep watching as the antepenultimate episode airs on BBC Two tomorrow night from 9pm.

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