‘The Bridge IV’ begins tomorrow night on BBC Two!


Here’s a quick recap of the series so far…


With only 24 hours until The Bridge IV begins, we thought it best to jog your memory back to 2015. Yes, it’s really been that long – but now that wait is over. The fourth season reunites us with Saga Norén and Henrik Sabroe, starting tomorrow night from 9pm on BBC Two.

The Bridge III was all about families and their dysfunctions. Saga’s mother, Marie-Louise, turned up, claiming that Saga destroyed their relationship and drove her sister to commit suicide. When she is later found dead under suspicious circumstances, the internal affairs investigation concludes that Saga is the one and only murder suspect, due to absurd reports of violence and threats. We also discovered that Henrik’s hallucinations were not completely in vain, as the body of his wife Alice is found, but his missing daughters may still be alive.


The family dramas were also part of the killer’s motives. In the final episodes of season three, the enigmatic code, pieced together from the numbers burned into the mouths of the victims, were linked to a fertility clinic. Due to different yet mutually traumatic upbringing, Saga seemed to understand the killer’s irrational rationale: to make those suffer, wishing they’d never been born. Following the loss of Hans – her boss, mentor and, above all else, friend – Saga was drawn to the same railway tracks where her sister took her own life. Without Henrik to stop her from exacting a similar fate, fans were desperate at the thought that this was the end of Saga. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Now, Saga is back for one last hurrah and here’s a checklist to prepare you for the start of the fourth and final season:

  1. The series has moved to BBC Two – This is important news to reiterate, in the event you tune in to BBC Four with a confused expression on your face. Repeat: the first episode begins at 9pm on BBC Two
  2. Season four is set 2 years after The Bridge III – A lot has happened since the third season finale…
  3. Saga is behind bars – Our heroine has been imprisoned due to her mother’s final act of vengeance. This also means no leather trousers or Porsche.
  4. Henrik has a new partner – He’s Danish and he’s a he. Prepare for a blunt detective to rival Saga’s cutting statements
  5. The narrative them is “identity” – get to know more about Saga and Henrik, as they discover more about themselves too
  6. There’s a new killer on the loose – The infamous landmark attracts another unknown killer, who brutally murders the General Director of the Migration Agency in Copenhagen
  7. There are eight episodes this time – In comparison to the typical ten, The Bridge IV has a shorter eight-episode arc, with each episode airing per week on Fridays (not Saturdays)

Now you should be well and truly prepared for The Bridge IV, which starts tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC Two before being available on iTunesUK from Saturday May 12th – with DVD & Blu-ray box sets pre-ordering now at Amazon.co.uk