‘The Bridge’ III Teaser Trailer for BBC Four


A new Saga begins… But has the past been put to rest?

If we weren’t already counting down the days until the 21st November when The Bridge III returns to UK screens, BBC Four’s offering provides us with a glimpse of heroine Saga Norén in the melancholic aftermath of season two.

The lamenting mood of the teaser trailer is aptly scored by Johnny Cash’s Hurt to sum up Saga’s inner turmoil. Add to this elegiac tone, the pathetic fallacy of the pouring rain; suggesting the unrelenting sadness from the last time we saw Saga as Martin was taken away in handcuffs. Her ethical actions that forced Saga to make a choice to quell her quandary continues to cast a pall over her. “There’s never been bad, there’s always been truth” as sung by The Choir of Young Believers foreshadowed this dramatic conundrum from the beginning.

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The flashbacks of the powerful confrontations between the detectives certainly delivers us with a nostalgia for the touching relationship Saga and Martin nurtured. The absence of Kim Bodnia to the cast of The Bridge III, due to a discord between the actor and the show’s writers concerning his character development in the third season, enhances how bittersweet this moment really is for Saga and fans of the series.

If everyone goes away in the end, then what has the new season got in store for Saga without Martin at her side? With Saga’s ingrained determination and newfound strength of character, we may be about to witness the rise of a heroine phoenix from the ashen shadows, as Saga faces her greatest trial yet.

The Bridge III begins on Saturday 21st November on BBC Four