‘The Bridge III’ starts Saturday on BBC Four


Return to The Bridge over troubled waters this weekend with a double episode treat.

There is a new murderer on the loose and a new Saga is also breaking out onto our screens in The Bridge III. Set one year after the tragic finale of season two, the series picks back up at a revolutionary part of Saga’s life amidst an inventively heinous crime spree.

The Bridge III puts Saga back to square one with no partner and no lover. Her work is the solitary driving force that bears any meaning to her life. When a new villain with a mysterious agenda unites the Swedish and Danish police departments to investigate once again, will we experience a doomed déjà vu for the heroine or will we witness a stronger Saga rising from the ashes?

Watch the exclusive interview and Q&A with Sofia Helin from Nordicana 2015 here.

The premiere in Malmö gave Swedish audiences a first-look at the series to glowing reviews. Since then, the devoted fans in the UK have been waiting with bated breath for the third instalment. Concerns over the new direction of the show and the publicised departure of star Kim Bodnia were quickly quashed by Scandinavian, Dutch and German viewers who tuned into the September broadcast in droves. The potential pitfalls appear to have served the award-winning drama on an inspiringly metafictional level.

Nevertheless, we may still be anxious to see how the series will go on without one of its leading cast members. However, Sofia Helin’s portrayal of flawed female Nordic Noir icon Saga Norén has been the innovative highlight of the show, with her bold and enigmatic personality which has established Saga as one of the best-loved detectives in the modern Scandi-crime arena.

Prepare yourself for the incredible return of Saga Norén with a host of familiar faces: her caring boss Hans (Dag Malmberg), Martin’s former superior from Copenhagen Lillian (Sarah Boberg), as well as new characters, yet recognisable stars, Henrik (Thure Lindhardt – Flame and Citron, 2008), Jeanette (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina – 1864, 2014), Anna (Melinda Kinnaman – Modus, 2015) and Freddie Holst (Nicolas Bro – The Killing II, 2009 and 1864, 2014).

From the PR launch in Central London of The Bridge III, without giving away any spoilers to our avid readers, we can guarantee audiences will be on the edge of their seats as they follow Saga on her new, treacherous journey.

The Bridge III begins this weekend on Saturday 21st November from 9pm on BBC Four, with two electrifying back-to-back episodes of the new season!