‘The Bridge III’ is back on SVT screens


The brand new season is finally unleashed upon Swedish audiences

Last night, on Sunday 27th September at 10pm, TV1 viewers got the first glimpse of the new investigation that lures us back to the infamous connection between Sweden and Denmark after two years.

Sofia Helin promises a compelling concentration on Saga’s character and social development for the third instalment of the crime series: “This is the season where Saga takes up a lot of space. Her personal story will unfold. The last season was pretty tough on her: she failed in her love life and she failed in her relationship with Martin. However, this season will be even tougher on her. This season will be very difficult for Saga.”

Series creator and writer Hans Rosenfeldt draws attention to the biggest hurdle the show overcame with Bodnia’s departure: “What can we do now? Actually, it opens up The Bridge even more and will put Saga in new situations where she has to meet new people, experience new stories and much more.” Now we can look forward to seeing how Saga’s new Danish partner Thure Lindhardt (Flame and Citron, 2008 and Itsi Bitsi, 2014) compares to her relationship with Martin.

From the moments leading up to the SVT broadcast of the first episode and after the credits rolled, fans shared their appreciation on Twitter:

In less than 10 minutes starts third season of #Bron-high expectations here. #broen@svt

#Nordicnoir fans will be pleased to hear the The Bridge S3 starts in pretty exciting fashion. Saga is as fabulous as ever. #TheBridge

What a start! Now you can chat with the creator of #Bron at svt.se #broen#bron3

Thank you for watching #Broen#TheBridge tonight! Hope you all like it! But who do you believe to be the killer?

Politiken.dk commented on the crime series and its exquisite style: “Cruelty and sublime filmed dark characterizes [The] Bridge III Danish-Swedish ‘bridge’ is Scandinavian stunning with its cross-border cruelty.”

After the premiere, Rosenfeldt and series director Christian Wikander engaged in a live online chat with hungry fans to discuss the eagerly anticipated return. The pair managed not to let slip any spoilers of the upcoming episodes. They did confirm that both Malmö and Copenhagen have welcomed the show back with fill cooperation when filming on location. Rosenfeldt and Wikander also revealed the production value of the high quality drama costs, on average, 8 to 11 million krona per hour. The overwhelming positive feedback continued to dominate the conversation:

“What a start of The Bridge. Good job. Longing to the next”

“Unbelievably good series and happy that it’s back! Great first episode!”

“Hi from all of your many many fans in the UK Good luck with the new serial. We look forward to seeing it soon over here :)”

The Independent‘s Gerard Gilbert looks at the season’s alternative direction: “It has a bit more edge – The writers have created something new instead of repeating themselves or giving up”. Series producer Bo Ehrhardt shared with The Independent: “The final season?” Ehrhardt followed up this contemplative question with a mysterious answer: “We don’t know. The vague hint towards a possible fourth season is further speculated with the idea of Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia) returning to the ominous Øresund: “If we get a fourth season then he’s welcome.” These tantalising titbits of hope, shrouded by an opaque promise of more mysteries from the show, leave us in a suspension of belief.

The Bridge III is due to hit UK screens in November, keep checking back with us for the release date