‘The Bridge III’ finale this weekend


We take a look at what audiences can expect as season three reaches its intriguing ending on Saturday night.

“Everyone gets a second chance”. According to acting Chief of Länskrim, Malmö Linn Björkmann. But what does this mean for Saga Norén? Her new beginning has been fraught with challenges at every step. Just when we think Saga has evolved under the pressure due to her efficiency and difference, the unpredictable narrative of The Bridge III weaves a fateful downfall for the tragic heroine.

In an open letter from Sofia Helin, the actress expresses to fans of The Bridge a greater insight into playing the role of Saga; a character that has been canonised by the phenomenal crime genre:

“Glad we managed to entertain you during the dark autumn evenings!

I am happy, proud and grateful for all the appreciation. The Bridge III is professionally the most demanding and challenging thing I have done so far in my life. Therefore, it is especially gratifying that our efforts touched the audience.

Saga Norén is different, difficult, demanding and rather nasty. If she were real not so many would like her. Many would not understand her. They would probably feel uncomfortable and maybe fear someone who is, and works so differently. They would not bother with her.

Inside many of us there is a sense of alienation, a sense of loneliness and of not really belonging. I think ultimately it’s that feeling that so many sympathise with in Saga. We wish that she could escape her great loneliness.

I also think that feeling is what creates the need of people to join extremism of various kinds, whether it’s about politics or religion. Those who disagree with us are against us. We think that if we are all the same and have a common enemy, then we are not alone. It creates an ‘us and them’ way of thinking that is literally deadly.

I am pleased that so many seem to care about Saga and her loneliness.

The time we live in is dark but there is hope!”


*May contain spoilers for episodes seven and eight*

In episodes seven and eight, which aired on BBCFour on Saturday 12th December, the momentum has increased and the story-lines are merging as the impending finale looms closer. Saga has become intimate emotionally and sexually with new Danish partner Henrik Sabroe (Thure Lindhardt – Flame and Citron, 2008) as he copes with the melancholic hallucinations of his missing family. Yet, one of the most shocking turn of events in The Bridge III has materialised not from the homicide case but from Saga’s mother Marie-Louise, played by Ann Petrén (Jordskott, 2015- ). The insidious motive to punish Saga has come to light. Originally classified as a suicide, Marie-Louise’s death, which was announced in episode six, has left Saga under the scrutiny and suspicions of an internal affairs investigation.


Before, audiences may have interpreted the reappearance of Saga’s mother as an act of atonement to clear the ambiguity surrounding Saga’s accusations of past child abuse. However, the somewhat secret meetings Marie-Louise conducted between Linn (Maria Kulle) and Rasmus Larsson (Henrik Lundström) were intended as proactive revenge; to plant the evidence and mistrust in Saga to paint her as the prime murder suspect.

Saga’s mother, the death of her father and her own carelessness that causes a shoot-out in the police station, prompt a dismissal based on stress, including the devastating news of her boss and mentor Hans Petterson (Dag Malmberg). Unable to regain consciousness or breathe freely from a respirator, Hans succumbs to his arduous ordeal and is declared brain dead. The touching and violent outburst from Saga at his bedside signals her painful loneliness as another friend is taken away from her.


Meanwhile, one of the main connections to the serial killer is art collector Freddie Holst (Nicolas Bro – The Killing II, 2009 and 1864, 2014) and his dysfunctional family set-up is compromised. The media are alerted by Claes (Reuben Sallmander – Irene Huss, 2008-2011 and Maria Wern, 2010-2011) that Holst is orchestrating an illegal surrogacy. Nevertheless, the cracks between Holst and his wife Åsa (Anna Björk) reach breaking point as the presence of Jeanette (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina – 1864, 2014) prove to be too overwhelming. When Jeanette flees with boyfriend Marc (Michael Slebsager) her hasty retreat launches her into the trap of the serial killer.


Is Claes’s stalker Annika (Louise Peterhoff – Real Humans, 2013-2014 and Blue Eyes, 2014-2015) the deranged killer? Or was Claes burying her with the shovel that Åsa saw him carrying to his flat? Can we trust Emil Larsson’s aural description of his torturous captivity? All of our questions will be answered this weekend in the highly anticipated climax of the thrilling third season.

The Bridge III concludes on BBCFour this Saturday from 9pm.