‘The Border’ on DVD Monday


The unmissable Polish Noir series is available to buy on DVD

Adding to the gritty and brutal crime wave of Euro Noir, The Border joins the formidable ranks with the likes of Gomorrah, Romanzo Criminale, and Hostages for exhilarating storylines that are combined with a scathing perspective of international culture on our screens. Now, the first season of The Border is released on DVD through our Nordic Noir & Beyond label from Monday 5th September!

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The Border (“Wataha”) follows a group of border guards, stationed in the mountains of Bieszczady. This elite team is trained to put a stop to human-trafficking from spreading across the treacherous border of Poland and the Ukraine. When a bomb destroys the specialised unit, Captain Wiktor Rebrow (Leszek Lichota) is the only survivor of the attack. Whilst dealing with the trauma of the devastating aftermath, Rebrow quickly moves from victim to suspect in the eyes of his superiors. Desperate to prove his innocence, Rebrow embarks on his own investigation to discover the truth. As he digs deeper, Rebrow unearths an ominous agenda involving political figures that will stop at nothing to keep their secret hidden.

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In a review, after the UK series premiere at the height of ‘Brexit’, The Arts Desk share their thoughts on the style of the show: “mysterious layers by evocative camerawork, using baleful shots of rural wilderness to suggest all sorts of unknown unknowns. The soundtrack makes minimal use of abstract music, frequently opting for silence or the sounds of birds or animals. Rebrow himself gets premonitory visitations from a grey wolf, which materialises at key dramatic moments. Binge viewing awaits.”

The Border is released on DVD Monday 5th September through Nordic Noir & Beyond

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