‘The Border’ coming soon to buy on DVD


The first Polish series to air in the UK gets its DVD release

The six-part crime thriller has made quite an impression with British audiences for its topical themes. The Border’s depiction of immigration and its European setting couldn’t have been screened at a more fitting time. The remarkable connection to the current socio-political events of ‘Brexit’ that saw the UK vote to leave the EU last month, combined with the turbulent backlash related to the rise in immigration and refugee numbers has struck close to home. Now, The Border is arriving on DVD to buy on Monday 5th September!

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The Border (its original Polish title “Wataha”, which means “the pack” or “wolf pack”) follows a group of border guards, stationed in the mountains of Bieszczady. The team is trained to stop human-trafficking from booming across the treacherous border of Poland and the Ukraine. When a bomb destroys the specialised unit, Captain Wiktor Rebrow (Leszek Lichota) is the only survivor of the attack. Dealing with the trauma of the devastating aftermath, Rebrow quickly moves from victim to suspect in the eyes of his superiors. Desperate to prove his innocence, Rebrow spearheads his own investigation to discover the truth. As he digs deeper, Rebrow unearths an ominous political agenda and finds that the real masterminds behind the plot reach further up than he could have imagined.

As well as the UK viewers, the critics recognise the impact of the series:

“No one in Britain would dare to make this show.” – The Guardian

“A highly topical show.” – London Evening Standard                                   

The Border has proved to be successful in its home territory of Poland – having been intended to be produced as a mini-series, HBO Poland has recently announced that the show is set to return with a second season.

The Border is released on DVD Monday 5th September through Nordic Noir & Beyond

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